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Isobar Create 32 Melbourne - Brought to you by Samsung

Visual Jazz Isobar and Samsung are calling on all talented developers for the NowLab Create 32 Melbourne innovation accelerator event.

You’re invited to Create 32 Melbourne!

During the 32 hour innovation accelerator event you'll be challenged to pioneer new and innovative uses of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Best of all, any idea you come up with is still owned by you. If deemed the best you'll not only win some amazing prizes but may have the opportunity to sell your winning idea to a real client.

In addition to being amongst the first people to get a hands on opportunity with the latest in NFC technology, you'll have a chance to win several prizes, including the main cash prize of $12,000. It could go towards making your prototype a reality – or a nice holiday after working 32 hours straight!

There will also be mentors on hand throughout the event to help bring your ideas to life and plenty of food and drink to keep you energized.

Event details

32 Hours
Mentors to help bring your ideas to life
Food and supplies to keep you energised

It's a non-stop event starting Saturday August 17th, through to Sunday August 18th. Registration begins at 9am for a 10am kick off. Coding stops at 5pm on the Sunday and presentation to judges straight away. Winners will be announced at 7:30pm


York Butter Factory

62-66 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


Visual Jazz Isobar, together with Samsung are bringing you this exciting event. We're looking for developers and tech enthusiasts who have big ideas, the skill to bring them to life, and who aren't afraid of working through the night.

Teams will be between 2 to 4 people. You can sign up as an individual and be teamed up on the day, or join as a ready-formed group. Spots are limited and the prizes are huge so register now by clicking below (you’ll be asked to leave a bit of info about yourself).

Developer info

What types of NFC applications can I develop?

NFC logoYou guys understand emerging technologies better than anyone. We think NFC will have a massive impact across the retail, leisure, entertainment, finance and sporting industries, it's just that they don't know it yet. So we're looking for teams to pioneer new and exciting uses of NFC to bring it into the mainstream.

You can harness NFC in any of the 5 following ways:

  • Phone to phone: Transferring something meaningful from one phone to another using NFC.
  • Phone to tag: Using tags where the phone (or a reader) can read data and react to it. Sometimes the data is a URL; other times it's just the ID of the device.
  • Phone to reader: Having the phone act as a tag (or a card) and ‘speak’ to a computer with a tag reader attached to it.
  • Tag to reader: Similar to phone to tag, only that a computer with a reader ‘responds’ to reading the tag.
  • Phone to simulator: We will create ‘simulators’ of real-world machines we envision using NFC and how they can exchange data with smartphones. Examples include a petrol pump and a cash register. Participants will be able to create apps that ‘talk’ to these simulators.

What will I get on the day?

Visual Jazz Isobar will provide the facilities, power, connectivity, good food, and refreshments. All you'll need is your laptops, power cables and ideas (and any other tools you'll need to create and develop with). We'll provide you with the space, mobile devices, NFC tags, NFC readers and demo codes.

Mentors from design, UX, strategy, creative and tech will be on hand to help you think through your ideas, answer questions and give advice.

Samsung will provide the latest Samsung handsets, including the Galaxy S4. Also provided will be NFC tags of various specification and size, NFC readers (with drivers and libraries) alongside a ‘hello world’ source code kit. Please bring development environments and laptops along for the ride!

Who owns the code I write?

Unless you're using something that belongs to someone else, you and your team will own the intellectual property for your idea. We'd like to take a few screenshots of promising projects, and we'll be taping certain parts of the event, but that's just for public relations and marketing communication purposes. Again, you own what you create, simple as that.

Global Event History

Isobar Create London

This global initiative follows the success of past events in London, Boston, San Francisco, Singapore and Warsaw.

Prizes and judging

What could I win?

Apart from the main cash prize for the winning team, other prizes will be up for grabs! You will have the opportunity to commercialise your idea with any of the sponsors, get to know the smartest people in town and learn heaps of new things.

Major cash prize
Get to know the smartest in town
Commercial exposure to the event sponsors

What criteria will determine the winners?

NFC applications should be focused on improving interactions between brands and consumers. Each team is expected to build a technical proof of concept during the event. Each idea must have a technical implementation. Winners will be based on whether their app fundamentally changes the way businesses operate or the way consumers behave, or both. Using a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best, apps will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Level of innovation (e.g., is it something completely new)
  • The ‘like never before’ factor (e.g., novelty value and overall coolness of the idea)
  • Impact on consumers (e.g., does it fundamentally change the way consumers behave)
  • Impact on a brand or a business (e.g., does it increase sales, improve customer retention, etc.?)
  • Commercial viability and market potential (e.g., does it have the ability to succeed and be profitable)

Who are the judges?

When coding ends at 5pm on Sunday the 18th of August, each team will have 3 minutes to present their work to the audience and our esteemed panel of judges. Stay tuned for the full list!


Who will be there over the weekend?

Sponsors, brands, bloggers, mentors, industry maestros and many more.

Who are the teams?

Teams are between 2 to 4, register as a team or individual and we'll match you.

If you are the first person in your team to register, when you get to ‘Team’ be sure to Create a Team. If your team has already been set up, select from the dropdown.

Each person in the team will need to register separately.

Teams could be developers, designers, tech enthusiasts, marketers, producers, whoever you need to bring your idea to life. Just remember your proof of concept needs to work to be in the run for the prize!

We are limited to 20 teams, so first in best dressed!

I can't stay the whole 32 hours, can I still participate?

No worries! We realise that 32 hours is a long time, and that some people might have other commitments. We do strongly encourage you to be present for as much time as possible, especially for the presentations and judging. The more you put in, the more you will get out of it, and the prizes are worth a sleepless night! If you can, plan to stay. We'll feed you and keep you entertained we promise.


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